Papery Jargon

I’ll start this blog with a quick lesson in wedding invitation suites:

I call them suites because the media and designs for a wedding can include a variety of elements, like programs, menus, thank you’s, save the dates, gift tags–the list goes on.

Classic invitations were usually engraved, but modern engraving can be expensive. (I’d consider anything above $2,000 for 100 invitations expensive, and anything under $500 is  inexpensive.)

Engravings leave a raised impression, or embossed letters, from a printing press. Letterpress and silk screened invitations offer a unique and hand-printed quality. Letterpress machines leave debossed letters, or pressed impressions from the plates. Letterpress and silk screenings can also be costly because of the handmade, time-consuming process.

Embossing and debossing both require thicker papers because of the impressions the printing presses leave.

Designing invitations and printing them yourself would also offer guests a unique, handmade quality, but be careful. Unless you, or a friend, has an aptitude for design, the invitations might come out looking less than pretty.

Other types of printing are thermography, which mimics the raised letters that engraved invitations offer for less money. Offset and laser printings are also more economical options. Offset printing is a good option if you’ll need to print 1,000 or more of a certain product. Offset printing also offers exact Pantone matching (colors!), embossments, and foil-stamping (here comes the gold leaf!).

Incorporating textiles into invitations is a new trend that I adore. I think it offers a homespun and unique quality. The appearance of textiles might not be unique within a few years but I still think they’ll be loved, since textiles, embroideries and any kind of sewing make them more bespoke, or more likely to be saved. And you’ll still get that wow factor with people who don’t follow the industry’s trends.

Envelopments, or pocket invitations, are also popular because they’re like little packages of papers. These are clever to use when you have a lot of paper inserts to include. Inserts can be RSVP cards and envelopes, maps, directions, suggestions for area visitors–you name it.

I find Ladyfingers LetterpressBirdandBanner, Martha Stewart, and OhSoBeautifulPaper inspirational and full of beautiful examples for wedding invitation designs. I hope you find them as inspiring as I do!

I’d like to offer quality designs to my clients, like the previous websites offer, but without the high cost. I respect other artists’ designs and copyrights, so mine will be entirely unique. But Bird and Banner suites usually start at $3,000. I’m hoping I can get my clients’ creative juices flowing so we can come up with something just as beautiful for far less money.

Since I’m just starting out, I’m offering all wedding suites at cost. That means I won’t be charging for my time and designs–just the supplies and printing costs I have to incur. These likely would amount to no more than $500.


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